Friday, October 7, 2011

Brewers Win!!!!!

Niger Morgan aka Tony Plush aka Tony Hush aka Tony Gumble aka Tony Cluch comes through for the win!'s great being a Wisco Fan!

Gotta love the Uecker calls!

The 10th inning --Gomez and T-Plush for the win!

Brewers Clinching Hit!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Turnaround Tuesday Rally

Today was a frustrating day.  Things were looking pretty through the first 5.5 hours of the trading day.  BID had hit a new low (but had rebounded), OPEN was tanking more, FAZ was up to 79, and while AAPL and my longs I hold were down, I was overall profiting on the day...and I was happy to see GRMN up amid all the red.  The frustrating came with an hour to go into trading. I was getting bored watching FSL, so I put in an order at the bid, that never hit.  I moved it up a couple times, it never hit.  I put in a buy for NKE at 82.90, after already being lazy and missing the rally from lower prices earlier in the day, i entered a trade...just then, the stock started up jumping up.  I didn't wan to chase, but at 83.55 I made another attempt, and missed again, then watched it in horror move to a high of $85.90.  Entering that trade 30 sec. sooner I would have picked it up, and instead i missed out on a potential $3 gain.  To top that off, before leaving for practice, I entered a smaller buy for $84.30 that didn't hit, but yahoo after hours quote shows the last sale at $ why don't I have any shares????  Some days this day can piss you off...this after I missed out on getting WYNN by a few cents after hours yesterday at $109.50...and watching it close over $118 today.  Put it into the shoulda, coulda, category of almost great-timed trades.

Enough of the whining.  Reading the news and bloggers...obviously nobody knows anything...except that any whisper of a bailout is going to rally the market...whether it will really help or not in the long term, is irrelevant.   For trades, I feel like I missed the best prices for WYNN and NKE, GLD is in no-mans land and I would buy if it goes a few points lower.  Not interested in buying energy stocks at all.  

SHLD might be a short candidate.  I'm worried about the talk of the real estate leasing of the stores, but with the economy as it is, it's not the same play it would have been 6-7 years ago, and price spikes like today get punished.

Really, if I have the time tomorrow between the couple people I've got coming in for workouts, and lunch with a few other coaches in the area, I'm looking at going after the TNA/TZA daytrade route.  The movement is so fast, money is ready to be made.  Though since this market is so unpredictable, I may just start by buying a 100 shares of each, then selling the one after it rallies, and *hope* the market reverses for a bit from there (or sell one quickly and let the other roll).  It might be stupid play, but I want to try something new to scalp some money from this fast moving market.

So right now, the stocks I'm looking for opportunities to buy:  NKE, WYNN, MCD, UA, FFIV, POT, and FSLR is starting to look attractive for a short term trade for a bounce.

There are not many stocks I'm looking to short.  Besides SHLD, I'm planning to close my FSL soon (still a doomed company, but I think I'll have a better chance to get back in), and OPEN and BID are in that same category.   I'll trade FAZ more for the financials, but that's still playing with fire at this point.  I can't locate shares for P and LNKD, and the options play just hasn't materialized.  I'm still looking at charts for more, but really, this is a day traders market, so it's all about what garbage headline influences the day.  

Monday, October 3, 2011

Badgers vs. Nebraska

If you've never been to a Wisconsin game, you're missing out, from the Wisco vs. Nebraska game this weekend:

Jump around in full HD:

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