About Me

I placed my first trade in '99 while in college studying Chemistry and was a 2-time Division 3 All-American for the cross country & track teams.  Got a job in the pharmaceuticals industry out of college and went "all in" with my with my minimal savings---which fortunately coincided with the Oct. 2002 lows and it grew from there.  After 4 years on the job, I quit and took a job as an assistant coach at a Division 3 school that paid $2,000, but also gave me some free time to explore trading.  Five years later I just received a masters degree after spending a couple years as a GA at a Division 1 school and looking for a head coaching position.  I love collegiate coaching....but trading is my way to actually make money!

My trading approach is fairly simple.  A blend of fundamental and technical analysis to set up my long and short watch lists and I just follow the daily price action to get a "feel" for the movement for the stock and go from there.  My biggest mistakes are usually from breaking my rules or forcing a trade because I want to be in on the action.   My trading is almost like Blackjack...I play the hotstreaks hard when I'm feeling the price action, the rest of the time I'm just trying to hold even (or not trade at all) until I find that sweet spot again.  

My approach to this blog will be to supply steady information about the day's news and focus on some of the stocks I'm paying close attention too out in the open in a place for myself and my trading friends to follow.  I may make several trades a day or week, or I may not make a trade for weeks at a time if I don't have a feel for the market.  I have screw ups (like every trader), and I'm not going to hide from those, but I also make money.  My energy is put into coaching first, and trading is my hobby.