Monday, July 16, 2012

Buy HOG 38 puts

Long break from the blog and meaning to make some posts again.  Trade today is buying HOG Aug 38 puts ahead of tomorrow's earnings report.   Citigroup had a report out last week expecting sluggish sales and upside on the stock is very limited.  Have seen a lot of interest on the August 38 puts the last few days, so looks like traders are taking hedges that earnings will see the stock drop.  Getting into August puts for under .60, and could see an easy double/triple if earnings disappoint.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Prior post update

I added the wrong image type two days ago, so the chart has been auto updating each day (The stock closed at 17.40 on the day of posting)....this one is a jpg and will stay, but added at today's (Friday's) price.  I think in the future I will add one jpg image to show the chart when I make a post, then the auto updating chart in the same post so we can track the movement side-by-side afterwards.  Still learning on how to do all this the best way, but I think this will be a good way to look back and track performance of idea's as they come up.

So far the stock has performed as hoped.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Trade Idea - TSRA

Quiet last week but made some moves to closeout the 2011 trading year.  Sold my short position in BID @ 28.20 (entry at 45.70) for a very nice profit.  Picked up some TZA for insurance on the my only short plays are TZA and a small FAZ position.

Starting to get back into screening mode.  One screen found a stock I'm pretty interested in:  Tessera Technologies (TSRA).   Holds over $10/share of cash on hand and ~100million free cash flow, insider transactions are up 25% this quarter.  Sales growth has been 25% over the past 5 years.    Looking at the chart it's at a critical point now...a breakdown here could stall the rally but a move to the $17.70 area would give it room to run on the upside.

I'll give my 2011 performance update in the next few days and aim to consistently keep posting new ideas now that the move is complete.