Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moving Day!

In the process of moving, so trading has been on the way back burner lately.  Loading up the U-haul and what seems like should take 30min has been about 3 hours! 

Only changes to the portfolio-  Closed short positions in OPEN and MGM last Wednesday.  MGM closed at 9.30 (short at 10.70).  And OPEN closed partially on accident.  I had an existing GTC order still in play from earnings day that never hit, until last week.  Covered at 33.05 (sold at 80.70!). Definitely my best short ever.   Still think the stock is a joke, so I'll be looking to jump back in when it rallies to the 37-40 range.  

Back to packing and getting ready to drive outta town tomorow.